hmm.. bullshit all the way xD :p well.. Yes do take down some voilence.. dont get rid of it keke ? :p I have playd games when i was like 5 years old that made my friends phewk lol :P im now a kid without problems at all, have never been voilent. its all about teaching kids, not prevent em to learn, just make em learn :p cuz i got like 12 ppl in my class that are stupid as fuck and think they live in a videogame.. total 15 ppl in my class =/

Article 2/2/07, 6:47 PM

well.. this would probaly strenght the comunity outside korea VERY MUCH.. Please get people that dont play starcraft but is impressed by the game to sign.

Article 12/16/06, 7:06 PM

kimmoh jo :D :P

Article 12/7/06, 8:33 AM

WOOOOOOOOOh... i have always thinked that wgt ppl have been like slacky.. but.. one is cool Ilintar :D TNX ALOT.. Pgt ;D

Article 10/16/06, 12:19 PM


Article 10/5/06, 1:39 AM

i hope .cF- can give em some compotition soon... we had a bad sesion now :'( but we will get better :D well.. cds will probaly still be #1

Article 9/29/06, 7:47 AM

#45 wow.. u guys haven't even seen the replays and already accusing idra of switching accounts, why can't u just accept that he beat sen? #46 check hotkeys. K thx. Ehm.. i change my hotkey`S many times.. like total diffrent system.. if you find other kinds of proof`s just a little one.. they 2.. = pretty strong.. i dont think you can decide on only hotkeys... btw.. does this tour get playd over ? or something.. ? if .. just monitor the DAMN IP ADRESS ? you can ofc invite a friend to play.. but.. i dont think everyone got a uber pro next door ?

Article 9/26/06, 1:45 PM

im gonna come next summer :D

Article 9/25/06, 2:18 PM