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i would be suprised if cloud can win.. but CLOUD YOU CAN DO IT! :D

Article 10/8/08, 11:23 AM

3rd one is quite okey.. 3d is something i dont got anything against, but i would love to see some 2d that doing some mind tricks such as the good old blizzard games.. Diablo 2 Arcane sanctuary for instance :D lotsa cool stuff you can do with 2D :p

Article 5/20/07, 9:27 PM

okey.. anyone got contacts with blizzard.. LOCK THE RESOLUTION TO 1024x768 or make units bigger and stuff for bigger resolutions.. one thing that have made starcraft 1 so good is the standard resolution.. no advantage with better computer, you can already get that in sc2.. With locked resolution its better... or if you have 1024 resolution you gotta see just as much as they with 2500 resolution.. having a locked resolution in this game would not be a great option if you come to think of the technology.. Lcd's they got native resolution and such, now im starting to talk against myself.. hehe.. Well.. then my conclusion would be to just have the same amount of stuff on the screen in any resolution starting from 800 and having more pixels on units and terrain etc. For widescreen users this wont apply for them, they will se abit more to the sides this can for instance be solved that 4:3 users see more upwards, even though that widescreen is more polite to ur eyes and brain, we do in fact see in widescreen, but thats my option for this, the graphics can stay like they are, if the effects are minimal .. and i mean like minimal.. in SC1(BW) we see like the small amount of effects starcraft 1 got can fill 50% of the map when the pro's show their skill.. Warcraft 3 got like 1 unit that can create a massive chaos :s A dual 8800GTX didnt do wc3 3x3 intensive game good at all, i hope SC2 wont have the same issues, run on slow comps.. thats the important thing.. linux support will be avaible ? :) would be awesome :p

Blog 5/19/07, 1:21 PM

protoss versus zerg is inbalanced, blizzard should fix the issue with network.. my certant routers wont work properly with bw.. like porting up everything and still cant play 2:2 with everyone, next.. 2:2 on same ip adress does not work .. :s that and the pvz, pvz is hard in the beggining :p not later on then its balanced :p

Blog 5/19/07, 12:27 AM

well.. i think blizzard have been good with making rts except when wc3 came.. that ruined the whole fucking thing.. DiabloII for instance 2D and.. lol.. it looks great, starcraft looks great aswell, no 3d.. ive seen 3d games in millions of colors and 1200 resolution.. or 2500 whatever.. starcraft just looked better lol.. :p They are allowed to use Open gl in my case.. just dont make anything FUNKY, 16 bits colors, and dont work with unknown things blizzard, games now are just graphics, they cant combine graphics with gameplay, id software is the last gamedevelopers who made good graphics with good gameplay with Quake3 since that, no game have had any good graphics and still have gameplay..

Article 5/18/07, 4:40 PM

warcraft 2 and sc is pwnzorz.. well.. i hope for a non graphical game.. like not very much wc3 graphic alike, fast game is what i hope for :p

Article 5/18/07, 12:55 PM

uhm.. ya know.. they following a time line, Starcraft orginal and expansion where released the same year 1998, Sc orginal was released in april and expansion where released in november, there where no major things they had to fix for the expansion, they had units like valkyre already though, and some other, they prolly held them back so they could release the expansion to complete the planned story for sc

Article 5/16/07, 11:20 PM

Article 5/16/07, 5:49 PM
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