• Location Denmark
  • Date of birth Sep 18, 1992
  • Primary game DotA

besi.sll's activity

gl bro i dont have a twitter account, if i did, i would subscribe to you, but i will however tune in on your stream from time to time (if singsing isn't online or any major tournament is in progress). again, gl gl :))

Blog 10/23/12, 3:25 PM

GO [img]http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/00802/wagamama-460_802762c.jpg[/img] !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Article 10/17/12, 5:52 PM

#2 most likely ryze+4 but now he joined shakira or got other plans so who knows

Article 10/17/12, 5:45 PM

So iG will go to China if they make it to semis?

Article 10/16/12, 9:02 PM

#3 I am. [img]http://www.feelingoodtees.com/Assets/ProductImages/LEGEN_DARY.jpg[/img]

Article 10/16/12, 12:06 PM

#9 What they should be thankful for is up to themselves. It's not like their life's were taken because they for example are blind.

Blog 10/16/12, 12:01 PM

#1 Smoked some weed? GU got this.

Article 10/6/12, 8:44 AM

Hurry guys. Sing up before singups are over!

Article 10/4/12, 12:31 PM
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