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  • Location Virgin Islands, U.S.
  • Date of birth Sep 20, 1998
  • Primary game DotA

Pyro..'s activity

Blinded by the flashy plays that Hao was doing? yet can't carry VG to victory despite having Fy and Fenrir compared to what BurNIng did with iG played better even having not so good supports, literally carried iG.

Article 8/23/15, 8:24 AM

good news for other countries no china teams will dominate in upcoming TI's..

Article 6/3/15, 6:10 AM

Xiao8 and BurNng in one team please they are like a package , Xiao8 knows what to pick for BurNIng that really fits his own playstyle. So much success if you only give BurNIng the right heroes in every game. It was the only missing piece for DK last year an excellent drafter and pacemaker like Xiao8.

Article 2/3/15, 4:26 PM

LoL , "BigGod upsets C9" since when did C9 became the top dog ? haha

Article 1/30/15, 1:09 PM

Why are you comparing achievements? We all know Philippines < Malaysia that is why there is a first for everything, but we are glad that our Country has reached to the international scene except from TI1 which was direct invite, its better late than never. You should just support the winning team like we did whenever Titan represents the SEA region in every competition.

Article 9/30/14, 11:23 AM

its new pics of there gaming house, trying looking the old one and this one before writing it makes you look dumb

Article 3/2/14, 6:42 AM

he might think twice before messing with Chinese team, ACE ORG will not be happy...

Article 1/31/14, 7:53 PM

yeah abyssal + underlord sounds really weak xD

Article 1/27/14, 8:54 AM
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