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tgmy's activity

logged in just to tell you that you are probably one of those new fanboys who's first TI was 2015 and thought everything started from the 5th TI. VG with their current roster probably has the most LAN experience of any team out there on the entire planet. CEDC on the other hand are some of the least experienced in the pro scene.

Match 10/24/15, 9:00 AM

other than their own standings losing that game wouldnt affect anything. Group A's lower bracket was basically going to be the same 4 teams either way and they would at most only shuffle the ranking which is pointless when you are in the losers bracket. Unless they somehow knew exactly which teams will be matched up if your a certain rank but thats impossible as group b is not decided. The best case for them was to 2-0 and fight LGD for first spot in the group. All other results were undesireable 0-2 or pointless 1-1. just accept that they lost even when they tried to win this game

Match 7/30/15, 8:46 PM

the way to do well in the group stages seems to be: make sure you 2-0 the weaker teams and it doesnt matter if you lose or tie the stronger ones.

Article 7/28/15, 8:32 PM

What an excellent draft by EG, i think a lot of the other teams have learned a lot of what secret is about in this tournament. Look at how EG have read the drafts of Secret. Come TI the biggest winners just might be the teams that are not here who were able to learn a lot from these teams and how they draft and play. I dont think in the short time till TI there will be major adjustments and one of the other teams just might pull something out of their hat.

Match 6/21/15, 4:47 PM

wait which team isnt in TI in one way or another other than Navi right now? article says 8 but i think all other teams are at the main even while cedc is wildcard right

Article 5/30/15, 3:06 PM

forget the fanobyism and east/west bullshit for a second and look at this patch. I am kind of worried that all the games are too one sided, i know a lot of people dont like the long games but i am personally a fan of strategic turn arounds and wrestling for map position. it seems that this recent patch just promotes one sided steamrolling. Unlike TI2 where IG has the facerush strat this patch seems to be the facerush tower push patch. This might have been the most one sided tournament I have ever watched, and i dont know if that is good for the dota scene.

Article 5/15/15, 5:03 PM

Empire beats VG in one tournament and everyone hyping them to be the greatest. Even though it was a brand new patch and the levels of the teams are in huge flux. At least the VG hypetrain has been going strong all year. the truth is that the difference between VG and C9 or even rave shouldnt be this far apart. It is mostly due to the patch favoring one team versus another and some teams finding the right strats sooner than others. Once the meta matures everything will get much closer. That is when we will see the true champions.

Article 5/14/15, 3:02 AM

EG def stronger in B01, not bad in BO3 but its clear from their latest matches vs ig and dk that their style is becoming clear and exploitable. my favorite part is the progression in their bo3 against IG, win 1st game in a struggle , lose second game hard, lose third game in one of the most epic losses ever. That clearly indicates that IG is understanding them better as the series went. EG still strong and they have a lot of players who can make big plays, but the same can be said for the players on DK and IG. They need to come out ahead strategically if they want to beat them.

Article 7/14/14, 3:11 PM
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