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Have you been living under a rock this past 6 months? Putting EG ahead MVP really? And mineski not even getting a mention at the least in a major in their home country? GGnet has fallen. No wonder everyone else is at the liquid forums or joindota. Tbh, all this degrading post against the home team and not even giving them a 2nd look, ffs this is a major in their home turf, if I'm mineski I will be pretty stoked. Hoping the home boys pull off some crazy upsets.

Article 6/4/16, 2:54 AM

imho chrissy should be playing his mid role and mushi the hard carry. fnatic would be better off to find someone who can synchronize with Net as the support duo. no disrespect to other lesser known "available" MY carries/mid-laner but ADTR or whoever their going to put into 1 or 2 will always pale in comparison to Mushi/Chrissy/Ohaiyo core.

Match 12/8/15, 11:03 PM

very brave and risky to start with an all-new team without any big names or veterans. the risk is the growth will be slow and painful without any experienced big name or veteran pinoy player guiding them and sharing insights. with established teams like mineski, tnc and execration firmly perched at the apex, andupcoming teams like arcanys, phoenix have very experienced big names (ninjaboogie) or have returning veteran players (JYC, Chin) leading them, the climb to the top of the PH scene will be very hard, let alone in South East Asia where you have eager teams like fnatic, MVP teams, Sig,trust, looking to regain lost glory. still kudos for the possitivity. new faces are always good for the scene. hope they do a "tnc" and burst into the scene.

Article 11/29/15, 11:22 PM

I won't really call Mineski a "lesser" team, have more confidence in them. IMHO I always view mineski as a top 3-4 or borderline top SEA team, always behind Mushi's team,or Trust or in recent years MVP. Their past lineups lack "the oomph" to support Bimbo, they cannot keep up with Bimbo's play style. now they have the players to compliment Bimbo such as the vastly improved kuku and an experienced ryoyr.

Match 10/13/15, 1:55 PM

Hello? It was actually Mineski-dota's FB page who copied my post here in ggnet. Please learn to read. Mga tulad mong inutil dahillan kaya may bad reputation pinoy.

Match 10/13/15, 9:53 AM

if you are following mineski games this past 2-3 weeks, and have known mineski players since the dota days, you know they are coming in to the frankfurt major qualifiers with a plan, and how they played the nanyang sea qualifiers and previouos official games all lead up to this point, the games vs fnatic. 1st point, they stubbornly played kuku as farming mid and played Bimbo as an offlane/safelabe carry. Although Bimbo can play all laning positions, he is most efficient and strongest at mid carry position, and arguably the best in SEA, those who know what Im talking about does not need any explanation. Fnatic knows this, Trust knows this, Master Ramen knows this, and team 123 did not stand a chance when Bimbo returned to his natural position. But I liked what they did with Kuku, they forced KuKu to grow out of Bimbo's shadows and carried the team through most of the qualifiers until Bimbo took over during the tie breakers and games vs team 123. 2nd point, they repeatedly abused their own "meta" and overused "few" heroes, but reality Bimbo+Kuku+Ryoyr has the a huge pool of heroes. 3rd point, although Julz and Jessievash are relagated to position 5 and 4 respectively, their wealth of exeperience playing positions 1-2-3 especially for Julz makes him a sublime support player, with the mechanical skill to rival the best mid players. As predicted by Master Ramen, its Fnatic vs Mineski, unbeknownst to us all and obviously behind the scenes he knows that after all the massive amount of scrimmages and practice games between top SEA teams, the 2 top teams at the moment are indeed Fnatic and Mineski. Anyway, lets just enjoy the SEA el classico, Mineski vs Mushi's team because even though Mushi's team has changed in form, name and compositions e,g, Cybertime, Nirvana, Orange, Titan, Team Malaysia through the years, Mineski in its different iterations as well (Rhom's mineski, Julz and Happyfeet Mineski and Bimbo's Mineski) this is the most storied match-ups and most fun to watch (including Mineski vs Trust) out of all the SEA rivalries. Mushi vs Bimbo for nth time :D

Match 10/13/15, 5:43 AM

I hope sig.trust rekt mvp, to restore an all sea final four. now the KR teams without their sea imports and Rave are not what they used to be.

Match 10/12/15, 5:20 AM

A repeat of the TI tie breaker.. MVP vs Trust vs Mineski. Recent recent results shows Mineski is the better team, however MVP and Trust holds psychological advantages over Mineski in this crucial/crunch situations, at least on 2 of Mineski's players i.e. Jay/Bimbo and JessieVash. Hopefully, Julz and ryOyr's experiences and KuKu's fresh approach can pull Mineski through.

Match 10/12/15, 3:48 AM
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