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If anything, I guess Era going to TI is just a way to justify both Valve and Fnatic side. He may sit in hotel all days and Xcalibur is the one that will play.

Article 7/3/14, 6:02 AM

They also dominated before he joining the team though. SGS has always been dominating the Garena region.

Article 1/21/14, 8:57 PM

This is the stream number, and compared to 2012, we had way way way more streamed tournaments, not to mention the average pro game minutes have been longer than 2012. I'm surprised that the number is not 600%, 700% tbh.

Article 1/16/14, 9:46 PM

People always question the big dog... Didn't they question LoL number last year too? This year TI3, despite dota2 still being less popular than last year's LoL, archived the same number as LoL. So let's wait until Dota2 get as big as LoL, then we'll see Dota2 will get the same numbers.

Article 11/21/13, 6:50 PM

"Each week, two international teams will be put together alongside four selected Korean teams twice in a round robin group. Below is the weekly prize distribution of Nexon Invitational Super Match. We will see a slightly higher prize pool for week three." Normal week: $15,000 Week 3: 9 games of $7,500 = $67,500 How is that slightly higher lol?

Article 10/23/13, 10:31 AM

" Each of these players, he assures viewers, will be well known in the amateur scene, and all of them have attained the rank of Challenger in Season 4 solo queue. " Season4 came already? Have I been sleeping under the rock or something?

Article 10/22/13, 5:37 PM

Well, convert to USD, that is $10,000, so it's bigger than a lot of other tournaments' prize.

Article 10/20/13, 7:16 PM

The report he linked is crazy though. Everybody knows that if you log in dota2 client, you're counted as active and "Playing Dota2" The fact is there are a whole bunch of people who just log in dota2 client and afk, or chat with friends, or watch replays/live. I don't think those can be counted as "playing game." Just because dota2 provides players a better place to hang out doesn't mean the game is actually more popular. If LoL had the same platform as Dota2, we'll see the difference. That is why when you do comparison, we need to put it on the same context and stuff.

Article 10/4/13, 6:46 PM
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