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DENNISbooi's activity

Nice :) love it!

Article 7/14/10, 3:58 PM

#1 Well I don't live in a town that gonna have SO many people coming for it at night. I think there will be no line that all :)

Blog 7/14/10, 3:56 PM

sweet :)

Article 7/13/10, 5:09 PM

#1 Nice post there :) Like how you think! #2 haha point taken! :D I just wish I had more free time :/

Blog 7/13/10, 2:06 PM

well done :)

Article 7/12/10, 3:22 PM

Been playing prefect from 5 this morning :P now I am tired xD

Article 7/10/10, 10:00 PM

Finally after 1 hour waiting for it to log on I got in :D

Article 7/10/10, 10:07 AM

#235 You are correct! It's down now again -.- #236 The game is down right now :P

Article 7/10/10, 5:46 AM
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