LOL at this betting odds! too many rares will be burnt and many tears be shed.

Match 2/8/15, 2:35 PM

ok gotta admit that he isn't that good lately. He dies without reasons, a lot, in his pubs. Needs to improve a lot before entering the competitive scene.

Article 1/23/15, 12:37 AM

people who lose the bet will cry to cancel the bet because 'admin was late to close the bet it's unfair' lol :p

Match 1/15/15, 6:23 PM

wtf game is starting! admin where are you?

Match 1/15/15, 6:16 PM

wow it's rare too see so many comments in CS:GO section

Match 1/11/15, 6:22 PM

no aui no c9, this is the end for c9

Article 1/2/15, 6:20 PM

FY best support Kappa

Match 1/2/15, 1:02 PM

better go to c9, but then they will have to kick FATA or bone-chan

Article 12/31/14, 4:27 AM