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We all know that but they haven't made any official announcements yet xD News 44 weeks, 3 days ago
LIQUID HAS DONE IT! News 48 weeks, 6 days ago
Edited. Thanks for pointing it out! :) News 49 weeks, 3 hours ago
There is no doubt Liquid has 1 of the most stacked lineup in the world but you still need a good captain to lead and enable these players. Moreover, I don't see how KuroKy- being surrounded with exceptional players is mutually exclusive with him being an excellent captain/drafter. With the insane level of Dota from the top teams in the competitive scene now, having just exceptional players is definitely not enough to be the best in the world. News 49 weeks, 3 hours ago
Great point by the way. But I feel that Valve's intention is to attract new viewers and let them learn at the same time (Which explains the newcomer stream as well). Also, back when Machine first hosted during Boston Major, the panels were more like explaining to Machine why this or that happen and this will definitely help new viewers as well. They might be hoping to achieve a similar thing with Day9 in TI7. News 51 weeks, 5 days ago
Hey man, everyone is entitled to their own views on a generic question like "Who is the best Position 4 today?". Tims is a beast on his signature hero - Earth Spirit. There's no need to attack a whole country or race just because of that. That was totally uncalled for. News 1 year, 2 days ago
Great input man. I agree that this development makes the game much more entertaining to us viewers. Things are happening constantly across the map. I would say the constant patch updates by Icefrog plays a huge part to the meta evolving in such a way. News 1 year, 3 days ago
That's a really tough question! I wouldn't be able to determine the best but I would say there are a lot of really good position 4 players out there currently. Jerax, GH, Kaka, Yapzor, Ah Fu and Zai are definitely up there in my list. Boboka was playing exceptionally well for IG during DAC but seems to have fallen off a little. News 1 year, 3 days ago
Glad you enjoyed it! News 1 year, 1 week ago
Yup, definitely! I am not saying that this meta will surely continue into TI7. But at least from MDL2017 alone, the Chinese have developed a new meta going into TI with heroes like Chaos Knight and Shadow Shaman, which no other regions have prioritized picking yet. We can see both EG and OG were also experimenting on Chaos Knight themselves during MDL. But of course, all this most probably will change going into TI. I do believe we will get to see more meta experimenting during Dream League, which is happening just before TI. News 1 year, 1 week ago
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