#2 Hell0r plays on RGC - carried his ass twice today.

Article 3/22/11, 8:34 AM

#14 Yeah so KDE won DH summer 4v5 vs Fnatic with such sucky solo supporting... impressive.

Article 3/13/11, 1:01 AM

#6 So who supports? ...

Article 3/8/11, 5:01 PM

Problem is that Blizzard sued KeSPA for intellectual theft in 2008 and KeSPA has been challenging Blizzard's rights to intellectual property since then. In a sense Blizzard is entirely right and entitled to take action. KeSPA was stupid not to say we're wrong - because they woud have lost millions from distribution of live BW on TV channels. Basically it started off as KeSPA being greedy & Illegal bastards. And now they're trying to pressure Blizzard. I'm supporting Blizzard in this... KeSPA can go to hell with their illegal actions & greed.

Article 2/26/11, 6:51 PM

@ #4 Completely untrue. It entirely depends on the race you played when you played Wc3. The similarities between NE & Zerg are huge - Orc & Protoss also (strong expensive units) and HU & Terran are basically the same thing.

Article 12/20/10, 5:44 AM

Not sure that DTS will still win. The all-rounder & more importantly the drafter is the true core of the team. The term outpicked comes up so often for a certain reason. Art is a pro at surprising people and counter-picking. Still hoping for DTS to win.

Article 11/28/10, 1:34 PM