I'm guessing most of you haven't traveled much. I'm a US citizen & passport holder -- but I've been studying/living in Europe for nearly a decade. Enough time for my US passport to expire... I had to go to the US on a french passport. I still had to go through hell despite having "Born New Jersey USA" written on it. Whenever you go elsewhere it's still hell. EU zone people from our generation don't understand... ask your parents how easy it was to travel -- NOT!

Article 7/7/15, 5:43 AM

Reinnnn I'd love to pick Bristleback, Bristleback & Bristleback. I think it would be a strong team albeit slighty greedy.

Article 6/30/15, 10:34 PM

He talks about thanks for the hundred or thousand of hours "sacrificed" for Dota2 and it's community - no one is forcing them to do this. If he see's it as hours sacrificed/wasted well maybe he shouldn't cast and others who think alike should just stop doing what they do. No one is asking them to.

Article 6/27/15, 8:27 PM

No name? There's CWM & Sockshka in the team -- they've both been around for much longer than SingSing has. I guess you haven't been around DotA prior to ti3...

Article 6/27/15, 1:49 PM

YSUB will stomp Vega/Navi/HR -- all the players have regularly upset those teams on separate, smaller teams.

Article 5/21/15, 12:50 PM

Basically the patch is punishing 3+ man kills. So basically it's a game of 3 solos + 2 supports that rotate for kills more than ever. Less so a 5 man fighting fest; or at least the gold rewards are less than what they used to be.

Article 5/20/15, 3:05 PM

We need real qualifiers... not some regional jokes. The day internet is good enough to not have latency anywhere in the world -- we'll actually know what each region is worth.

Article 5/19/15, 1:17 AM

Once more you haven't read. I'm not saying you can't be a sniper because you can't fire a gun -- I'm saying you don't have the skills or understanding to be a sniper despite being able to fire a gun and knowing how they work. Putain sérieux faut que t'apprennes a lire en fait... et je dis pas ça en rigolant. And no, saying that you can question their plays and be legitimate in doing so has nothing to do with what I said. And no, you can't understand what makes a good or bad sniper if you haven't experienced it first hand. You can believe you understand and theorize about what makes a good sniper good. I never once said that understanding how dota works makes you a pro and never claimed you said that it did either. There's a big difference between knowledge and application of said knowledge. I'm someone the top french players know & I know roughly every french player since I've organized or helped organize almost every french tournament since 2007. And yeah... we're clear, you're an idiot on his couch commentating on how Messi should have dribbled left instead of right & believes he's entitled to do so. There's no law against it, so you're right to consider yourself legitimate in doing so but it doesn't change the fact that you're still that guy on the couch who knows what he knows from numbers and not actual first hand experience.

Article 5/17/15, 1:12 PM