• Name Eliot Carter
  • Location United States
  • Date of birth Jul 22, 1989
  • Primary game Dota 2

yot's activity

Loda bought Rod of Aui every game he played an int hero (OD/Pugna/Necro) & Bulldog made one with Warlock. It's just easy HP/damage & control for heroes who almost have none.

Article 2/11/16, 11:45 AM

Well... GGnet isn't what it once was. Their best and most prolific writers have left them -- the fresh blood they brought in don't cut the bill -- they're not top place holders in any of the games they "analyze" or play nor do they have the analytical knowledge that comes from said high level of plays or high levels of knowledge. ReiNNNN is the only real article writer you have left. Ever since Victor Martyn took over, it's gone downhill.

Page 1/3/16, 5:42 PM

Team Spirit & Complexity shouldn't even be in the tournament -- EG/VG & OG should be the last 3 slots after the Liquid/Secret invite.

Article 12/27/15, 6:39 PM

Anyone with half a brain theorycrafted this deck before Sottle & made attempts -- something Sottle should know is that the Rumblers are utter shit. Obviously he tried his deck in low legend... It's like playing vs r15. Brann is stronger as a simple 3 drop in Dragon priest ; he isn't the center piece of the deck yet the Dragons nearly all have battle cries from t4 and onwards.

Article 11/26/15, 4:11 PM

French streaming Newcomer? O'Gaming has been around for longer than most -- they're by no means new -- they're around since twitch was still Justin. They were the main focal point of larger tournaments that were held in France in the past. Getting to know what you're talking about before writing an article... that's what you ought to be doing.

Article 11/3/15, 1:29 PM

Any team with Puppey is a top 2 team -- Arteezy

Article 11/2/15, 2:19 PM

Actually this is good -- it means that eSports will be recognized as sports. Otherwise, the whole thing falls appart. It's not good for those websites until they regulate themselves, but if it allows eSports as a whole (not just LoL) to be recognized as sports, it's great news!

Article 10/22/15, 8:11 PM

N0tail finally on par with his HoN dominance! He was HoN's best mid player for years. Rust is just something you clean off.

Article 10/17/15, 3:53 PM
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