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Canada ez

Article 10/29/12, 5:25 PM

#5 hahaha you even can read the tittle ?

Article 12/18/11, 4:55 PM

#9 Dont be stupid... Koreans dont do things like that . They play for fans..For ppl that pay for GSL tickets.. Naniwa talks.. fans fans.. fans.. they suport me ble ble , and that he do for fans ? Dont play game ? He just act like rock star , and he must grown up. It's not first time Naniwa does something stupid , and not the last one for sure.. Im happy whit that :) Idra and Sen fighting :D <3

Article 12/14/11, 1:13 PM

Eh you dont get this at all , all peaople that write back to my #19 comment. For example you write that dimaga is worste player , because Stephano win now , but you dont remmember Dimaga games in World vs Korea at GOM studio ? He beat Nestea and other tip top kr players..and now hes not play that good. Other example .. Sen play at NASL finals ? WAS IMBA! , and now where is sen.. ? Nerchio has some wins to.. vs very good players.. Idra is one off the best zergs from beta..he won meny turnaments , was in top 8 in many turnaments etc. The point is every player has big moments.. im cheering for every zer player , because i play zerg ,and i hope Stephano will play that good all the time , but its not posible..

Article 10/11/11, 2:06 AM

#22 just becasue you cant read.. he write NON KR Zergs.. and i write abouth NON KR zergs..

Article 10/10/11, 8:25 PM

#12 Stephano is very good , but dont go that far Sen , Idra , Nerchio , Dimaga , Ret are better then Stephano imo. Every time , when some "no name player" win big turnament people go crazy abouth that , and then ? he dont win big event anymore.. Moon , Torzain , Ret etc , they all have some shining moments.. and people go crazy abouth them.. and now ? They dont even go to semi finals in big turnaments.. You can hate him , wanna kill him etc , but only Idra is always high in turnaments and keep wining them. Like i said Stephano is really GOOD really ! , but how can you say he is beeter then these players Sen , Idra , Nerchio , Dimaga , Ret because he win one big turnament ? eh no:)

Article 10/10/11, 7:24 PM

#50 Then wait , and see. Simple :)

Article 10/7/11, 12:32 AM

Same question.. lately new section of sc2 is messed up really..

Article 10/7/11, 12:30 AM
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