I like the contrast between the three players' responses. Eric: Hey guys. You don't know much about me. Uh... I'm bad. But I'll try my best anyways! Ace: I'm an old-timer. I watch replays and analyze games. Europe is really strong and creative. Loner: I don't know anything about Europeans. Asia is pretty strong though. Yeah.

Article 5/12/10, 9:54 PM

#19 so Tester and sSKS are the same person? Haha, I see. Well, he still should've been invited imo, though maybe he declined. Who knows?

Article 5/12/10, 5:21 AM

#10 Dayfly is the master of the clan? Well that explains why he got his clan mates in the tourney. Maybe Freedom, Fruit Seller, and Tester should contact 178.com if they want to be invited in the future, as invitationals are based on connections a lot of the times. In any case, since this is a tournament without qualifiers, you're not going to get *the* best from each country, just whoever is around and known by the organizers. GG.net clearly knows a lot of the best EU players, so they're probably going to get invited though it's still unclear how many will attend. As for the Asian players, Sen beat InCa 5-0 or something silly, though, so if Inca is considered among the top Asian Protosses, then Sen should be a good candidate for best-of-the-best. Still unfortunate to have no Freedom, Fruit Seller, Tester, and other ex-SCBW pros, but you should cut Check a break, he did win the first PlayXP tournament and might have gotten a lot better since his performance at Star Wars, since he was still semi-playing WC 3 then. #7 The only two tourneys I've seen EU and Asia players compete directly was the PlayXp #3, where Lucifron beat AnyPro, and the GosuCoaching Weekly, where Tester defeated all competition without dropping a single game. The only showmatch I saw was the Freedom vs. Demuslim game in which Freedom beat Demuslim 3-1, but that was played under laggy conditions. Do you have some other tourneys in mind?

Article 5/12/10, 1:29 AM

I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand it'll be great to see Euro vs. Asia. On the other hand it doesn't seem to be a LAN match (not that LAN matches are even implemented in SC 2...), so it'll be hard to get rid of the lag. I can only imagine how bad the lag could be if Chinese players are involved due to the Great Firewall of China, and sc2.178.com is a Chinese site so... I don't know. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Article 5/11/10, 1:53 AM