We are prepared for Na'Vi. -- Famous Last Words from PR You are not prepared for LAN Na'Vi.

Match 1/28/15, 5:31 AM

PR farming way too slowww

Match 1/28/15, 5:24 AM

Even with an above average game from Mag, even with a great game from Phobos, without Illidan on a 1, they still look tier 2. LV, on the other hand, has played and, importantly, drafted well this game. Mushi's Sniper pick totally caught Illidan off his game.

Match 1/7/15, 7:18 AM

VPP wanted to deny what they thought was going to be a Mushi OD but... Illidan sucks on the hero man.

Match 1/7/15, 7:15 AM

Wtf, NOW you don't go in? When Medusa HAS BB and Morphling doesn't?

Match 1/7/15, 6:14 AM

The basic issue with all CIS teams, except for Puppey's Na'Vi, is that they just don't have patience. They think not manning up and fighting is cowardly, even though the correct play was to just wait till Medusa has buy back again, which is what ALL Chinese teams do in that situation. Instead they push all mid knowing Morphling has BB and Tide has 2x Ravage, forces the Morphling BB but loses Illidan and two raxes because of it.

Match 1/7/15, 6:12 AM

Reverse reverse throws by Illidan.

Match 1/7/15, 6:10 AM

Reverse throws by Zyf.

Match 1/7/15, 6:09 AM