• Name Dexter F
  • Location Singapore
  • Date of birth Jan 4, 1995
<p>[i]No one I think is in my tree, I mean it must be high or low..[/i] Formerly from Editorial but now managing the DotA/Dota 2 section - if you have any news tips or information about the competitive scene, you may personally approach me at [email protected], Skype, or send me a pm. I&#39;m usually online and active between 16:00 to 20:00 CET. Cheers! Dota 2 (Steam): kurtcosf RGC: kurtcos Skype: kurtcosf IRC: GG-kurtcos [b]Teams:[/b] [i]2009:[/i] [f]Denmark[/f] MYM [f]China[/f] FTD [f]Singapore[/f] Razer [i]2010:[/i] [f]China[/f] EHOME [f]Singapore[/f] Aeon [f]United States[/f]Nirvana.Int [i]2011:[/i] [f]China[/f] CCM [f]China[/f] DK [f]Ukraine[/f] Na&#39;Vi [f]Philippines[/f] Mineski [i]2012:[/i] [f]China[/f] DK [f]Philippines[/f] Mineski [f]Ukraine[/f] Na`Vi [b]Players:[/b] [f]China[/f] Burning [f]China[/f] X! [f]China[/f] 2009 [f]China[/f] YaphetS [f]China[/f] Ferrari_430 [f]China[/f] Zhou [f]China[/f] YYF [f]China[/f] Sharingan [f]Singapore[/f] hyhy [f]Malaysia[/f] ChuaN [f]Germany[/f] KuroKy [f]Ukraine[/f] Dendi [f]Ukraine[/f] ArtStyle [f]Philippines[/f] Jay [b]Heroes:[/b] [hero2]ancient apparition[/hero2] [hero2]storm spirit[/hero2] [hero2]pudge[/hero2] [u]Films:[/u] A lot of 80-90&#39;s stuff, especially drama and war movies and anything by Michael Moore. - One Flew Over The Cuckoo&#39;s Nest - Sophie&#39;s Choice - Fargo - Pulp Fiction - Sideways - Forrest Gump - As Good As It Gets - Schindler&#39;s List - Shawshank Redemption [u]Others:[/u] - My favorite Dylan songs, &#39;Desolation Row&#39; and &#39;It&#39;s Alright, Ma&#39; and &#39;The Times They Are A-Changin&#39; are among the most unappreciated songs I know. - Rafflesian. [URL=http://s10.flagcounter.com/more/jwf][IMG]http://s10.flagcounter.com/count/jwf/bg_FFFFFF/txt_000000/border_CCCCCC/columns_4/maxflags_20/viewers_3/labels_0/pageviews_0/flags_0/[/IMG][/URL]</p>
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