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I only play the game for fun, so don't bother me with senseless stuff.

Reflexive's activity

Those Marines actually appear in a SC2 mission. The one where you have to run with Jim from the Hybrid. The Marine can be found in the first stage, in the middle-left side of the map, on a separate cliff / floating chunk.

Article 8/11/10, 6:03 PM

Cool for them! Sad for us... but it will be cool soon ( hopefully ) :)

Article 7/26/10, 4:48 PM

I think that we'll be having a Terran winner.

Article 7/24/10, 3:18 PM

#7 Because there was no 3rd game. It was a 2-0 win. Not adding anything in the 3rd column is like spoiling the final result ( if you'd only see 2 games, you'd know from the start that whoever won any of the 2 games, definitely took the second one as well ). So, to keep things tense and not to spoil anything too soon, a fake "Game 3" is added ( which usually links to Game 2 ).

Article 7/24/10, 1:43 PM

Will anyone ever tell Day9 that, that "pasty-ghostly white" is pink? I think that "Pink" is also written out in the color list... Hmm...

Article 7/24/10, 12:59 PM

#28 It's because the first 10 people get the game almost for free. Otherwise, I doubt they would be standing in line for 4 days. I totally hate to wait in a line, so I'll be getting my CE on Tuesday by courier. ;)

Article 7/24/10, 12:17 AM

Hmm, I'll be getting my CE on th 27th. Hope no one will take the ID I want to register with by then. :P

Article 7/23/10, 9:40 PM

The funny thing is that the UD female never stands so straight. She's always 1/3 bent which always made her look half retarded.

Article 7/23/10, 5:24 PM
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