looks gay. probably gay.

Article 6/20/10, 3:51 PM

LOL. there are simply people who have nothing else to do, and they find it fun and amusing to be racist. haha. just let them man. not your loss trust me :P. relax man. no big deal.

Article 6/5/10, 12:40 PM

haha. pinoy haters. get a life pple. :)

Article 6/5/10, 11:42 AM

who's gonna play for LAN ? and who's not gonna play for Blight? They have 6 active players atm.

Article 6/3/10, 5:18 PM

This is a big joke. Not much asia vs euro games here. And 2 German teams? What happened to the 1 country 1 team rule? o_O ESWC=joke.

Article 6/3/10, 4:10 AM

Aw. This is sad news. Now Aeon is gonna win again. :( AEON>EHOME FUCK THAT SHIT.

Article 6/1/10, 1:36 PM

So if India qualifier won't come, then ESWC can add another slot for the special invitations?

Article 5/28/10, 4:14 PM

out dated

Article 5/24/10, 3:18 PM