I just said that however there will be lag issue. But yeah, this is admin power to deny non-admin comment. Yeah, no matter what, this is just imbalance grouping. [b]WE ALL KNOW![/b]

Article 7/30/10, 6:24 PM

#67 -1 Ya stop commenting and giving dumb excuse so I couldnt know that u r a retard. I maybe not so "great" to be an admin like you, but I got fucking brain not to give that lag excuse.

Article 7/30/10, 4:51 PM

#43 +1 The whole DoTA players in the world knew that the strongest team in this tourney are SGTY and nv.cn. After time, we know that there must be match of asian vs eu teams, then how will it could be? THen lag is for sure happen right? Why not switch the wssm, yamato or not strong teams with Nv.Cn and Ks.Nv instead? It is rather more logical to make this tourney happen. Its very impossible to watch either SB, nv.cn or sgty or Prime,nv.my or AEON lose in group round. They are way too stronger than MYM and DTS for sure. And all strong eu team are grouped saparatedly and nicely? How come. Use brain to make this more competitive ==" OMG myMYM.Danny89, I dont know how retard is your excuse and how much you are paid.. Sad to accept that you are one of the asian and moreover my nation too. I know I am a hardcore fan of dota, but just see and comprehend this situation with your inner eye. Admins are just trying to eliminate asian giants quickly and ask asian admin (myMYM.Danny89) to give excuse so we will accept this sh*t.

Article 7/30/10, 4:33 PM

LOL so funny interview.. ha3!!! GL nv.my ^^

Article 6/29/10, 11:56 PM

LOL @ #7

Article 6/29/10, 11:04 AM

Hope he will write this: "First time in my life to face through it live, god, it is really true the dota from asians, the level really is amazing and farly uncompetable. Please give me some of your might.."[i] =)

Article 6/29/10, 11:01 AM

Sad to see Nv.my and China in 1 team since there are only 3 asians group.. But I do think Nv.my and EHOME will pass to the 2nd stage easily. Watch it bebeh!

Article 6/28/10, 5:18 PM

I am very confident the top 3 would be from asia.. No offend! ^^

Article 6/25/10, 5:04 PM