Why the fuck is there no team as stron as Fnatic right now in SEA... Come on. SEA doto where have you been? Fuck off SEA teams, stop do shit, train harder!!! Fnatic is just too far ahead shit SEA!

Article 7/24/16, 7:21 AM

Difference between Tea bag and England team? Tea bag last longer in club.

Article 7/2/16, 5:41 AM

Because fat guy gaben knows NaVi has slight possibility not to pass qualifier stage. And NaVi has so many (retarded blind) fans, to get money instead. Gaben only thinks about money to be honest.

Article 6/20/16, 1:58 PM

I think you are the retard here... His calculation is based on 5k mmr average and nothing wrong with his math and you wildly appeared with 4k mmr average calculation and tried to look smart. What an asshole. The OP himself mentioned Miracle's team is 4k-5k mmr average. Dumb shit fuck

Article 6/12/16, 9:07 PM

Can't wait to see Kuroky punishes back tier 2 team Navi as usual for their stupidity to kicked him long time ago.

Match 6/9/16, 9:55 PM

EG has a chance... Aui back to support and Fear back to carry way to go!

Article 6/9/16, 6:18 PM

Game 2 was the Most EPIC match...

Match 6/7/16, 10:50 AM

you can stfu pinoy... he is trash when he was in rave. He is the one considered to be lucky to be paired up with imba carry like voker mushi ohaiyo

Match 4/24/16, 7:40 AM