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Article 11/10/12, 1:34 AM


Article 11/9/12, 11:57 AM

although we might be a little limited on our moves due to 300-400 ping. strong exaduration they get 290-300 ms ping which is completely playable.

Article 10/23/12, 7:36 AM

good to see an australian team in the mix, havent seen much play of n9 lately they might actually be alot stronger then before.

Article 10/13/12, 2:27 AM

lol @ 28 ahaha

Article 9/24/12, 5:13 AM

lol @ anyone who thinks bleek was strongest on aL, you guys havent seen these new players im guessing and i can assure you bleek was probably the weakest link in their team.

Article 9/10/12, 11:28 AM

@32 they havent even announced the teams, i would be mad if i was a river nigger in africa to LOL.

Article 4/11/12, 11:22 AM

im from Serbia and pull about 0.4 seconds to west so what they say it bullshit just to let you guys know its just an excuse cause they feel abit unconfterable.

Article 3/16/12, 11:55 PM