im guessing the 3 rus are cause of the ESWC minimum standert :D

Article 4/22/10, 2:21 PM

I love blizz, but im with Koreans on this one, its bad enaugh they removed Lan is the game, but now trying to score cash where cash is to low to be shared is just $#$#, go make another wow expo and you'll be fine

Article 4/21/10, 11:17 AM

Husky is the man, go to his Youtube channel to see his new haircut, its priceless! P.S that guy needs some history lessons

Article 4/17/10, 5:57 PM

2/3 players playing for Korea are wc3 players, lol

Article 4/17/10, 11:31 AM

ahhahaha, top1 april fools joke so far

Article 4/1/10, 1:49 AM