If we are going to read non e-sports related news of players personal lives, at least post details. Though honestly you shouldn't be posting this at all

Article 10/24/15, 1:47 PM

Man babyknight isnt going anywhere, didnt do much in dota1, didnt do much in SC2, just let it go bro )

Article 10/24/15, 12:41 PM

Thanks, wish they would use the team logos in texts)

Article 10/21/15, 7:58 PM

Whats up with secret not playing in so many tournaments ?

Article 10/21/15, 12:12 PM

No Secret ? (

Article 10/20/15, 9:49 AM

The place where the rape took place, never has any convictions )) Isnt related, just sharing. It's not always good getting dirty ...

Article 10/18/15, 12:30 PM


Article 10/16/15, 2:57 PM

just read the first sentence

Article 10/16/15, 10:38 AM