• Name spyros kavvas
  • Location United States
  • Date of birth Dec 5, 1992
  • Primary game DotA

spyshaker's activity


Match 6/3/13, 5:35 AM

cool story.first (: :p

Article 7/28/12, 12:44 AM

i want more info about some things.add me at my steam account,steam id: ssr_ add me and let me ask u some things.ty :)contact me whenever.

Blog 7/25/12, 9:13 PM

ok tytytyty very very much :)

Blog 5/30/12, 6:04 AM

haha...the broadcasters didnot play and got levels up!!!so i can just broadcast at the international :P but no seriously,can some1 answer me??

Blog 5/13/12, 1:24 PM

vp i hope will make a great perfomance!

Article 5/6/12, 10:34 AM

#31 hahahhaahhahahahahaha.i can't stop laughing..plz help me..hahahhahahahahahahahaha!that was so funny...hhahahahaha! +1 #31

Article 5/6/12, 10:30 AM


Blog 4/26/12, 12:34 AM
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