i am sorry to say, ehome is gone.. now the rank of pro teams in china should be : dk no1 for sure!, ig.z or panda or we next, ig.y or lgd or nv.cn in the third part then maybe ehome....

Article 10/29/11, 11:28 PM

hao now is top three carrys in china for sure!

Article 10/29/11, 11:10 PM

who can stop dk? nv.cn,panda, ig.z, ig.y, we ? these top teams all will be the witness of DK's new champion.

Article 10/29/11, 11:03 PM

i have to say, ehome is not competitive in dota 1 anymore. now there are around 11 professional teams of dota1 in china, and ehome can not get in the top 6 teams.

Article 10/29/11, 10:45 PM