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The problem with mind control is that it negates any deck that focuses on late game minions, thats why you have to play aggro and some people even argue that it was the reason this rush meta started. Now, I agree that hunters and priests should have got something else to work with and that argus and the juggler should have been touched too, but maybe the changes to argent and suncleric will make the decks using those 2 cards not as strong as they were.

Article 12/10/13, 12:36 AM

9/11 wins were protoss o_O

Article 7/8/13, 8:27 PM

Everyone should admire how a person with such an hard life, aware of his condition and knowing how little he had to live still fought hard to be the best and making his family proud by being the best at what he could still do and loved to do. More than a player a lot of respect to this person, Seung Hyun "Space" Park . RIP

Article 5/7/13, 11:35 PM

#5 face it, noone cares about what you say

Article 2/22/13, 1:26 AM

Some people care and they don't need to post shit to show their appreciation

Article 1/9/13, 1:32 AM

Have no idea if he's full of shit or not, i don't know anything about security but my point still stands, nothing is absolutely secure and i don't see how can there be comments like #4, but whatever, internet truly is the place for stupid people to show how retarded they can be over serious stuff. And btw blizzard has been hacked, sony too, and i bet they do spend a lot of money in security

Article 12/18/12, 11:31 PM

[quote]Actually, valve happens to run an old and vulnerable version of mailman. It wouldn't be too hard to compromise them with that.[/quote] Said by the hacker himself As you see moronic s2 haters this could as well have happened to dota2, be glad it didn't.

Article 12/18/12, 10:38 AM

Love it

Article 12/6/12, 10:10 AM
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