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Samsung Galaxy White vs StarHorn Royal Club
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Winner: Galaxy Wht
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  • Rich "richkizz" Kizz ,
  • andre "andre2k12" belmonte ,
    can i redeem the runes i won?
  • Vu "vudt" Duy Thanh ,
    I bet SSW win
  • Professor "changeling" Chaos ,
    I love Uzi, but i love Imp even more! I doubt SHR has a chance to take more then one game of SSW and i guess it will be the good manner game 3 that SSW gives away before stomping the fourth game for the Championship ...
  • Vu "vudt" Duy Thanh ,
    Yes, it's been 2-0 and both teams are in preparation for the third game :) Hope SHR would take this game! :)
  • Raymond "manmon03" Ruiz ,
    i just want to ask... if there's a rewards if you are the top 1 gosubetter ??? answer pls thanks :D
    • Nathan Brenn Jr. "nathanjr12" Plazos ,
      Yes. I think there is a reward because I have a friend who used to be the top 1 gosubetter in DotA 2 and SHE received many items. In LoL i'm pretty sure there's a reward too. Just be patient or ask for help :)
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