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Korea, Republic of

KT Rolster

Korea, Republic of
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Dec 1, 2017, 9:00 AM CET


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Samsung Galaxy vs KT Rolster
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  • M "Obvious1" Johansen ,
    KT had a good start this year, but after several of the top teams figured out how to play against them they drastically lost more and more as Mata and Pawn are their 2 win conditions and can easily be banned out or counter picked. Samsung Galaxy recently won the world championship and shown they are by far the strongest team in the world currently, though i doubt they had much time to catch up with the new patch since they came home from worlds. therefore I dont find it unreasonable that KT could win 1 match if they come prepared. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- my bet would be Samsung wins and if you want a more risky bet go for samsung wins with a map handicap -0,5
    • M "Obvious1" Johansen ,
      still new to the editing format in the comments, so I apologize for the poor setup.
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