KT Rolster LoL match history


KT Rolster South Korea 0
  • GG elo rating 1,101
  • World rank 40
  • Total earnings US$803,719
  • Win rate 55%
KT Rolster (Korean: KT 롤스터) is a Korean professional gaming organization owned by KT Corporation. Before the Korean restructuring, KT fielded two sister teams, KT Rolster Arrows and KT Rolster Bullets which were created by the organization on October 10, 2012.[1] It originally began as StarCraft: Brood War team KTF Magics and included among its stars a number of players who also became involved with League of Legends - coaches YellOw (Xenics Storm) and Reach (NaJin e-mFire) and casters/streamers Kim Dong Soo (Garimto) and Kang Min (Nal_Ra).


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