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Team Vitality France 0
  • GG elo rating 1,043
  • World rank 120
  • Total earnings US$235,898
  • Win rate 42%
Team Vitality formed its League of Legends team in December 2015 as its first expansion into PC gaming, acquiring Gambit Gaming's EU LCS Spring 2016 seed. Their first player signed at the time of announcement was former H2k support kaSing. 5 days later, Vitality completed their roster with former Gambit toplaner Cabochard, former CW jungler Shook, former ROCCAT midlaner Nukeduck and kaSing's former teammate Hjarnan. For their coaching staff, Vitality signed former Gambit coach Shaunz.


0 0 0
0 wins 0 losses
0% Win rate


0 0 0
0 wins 0 losses
0% Win rate

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113 146 9
113 wins 146 losses
42% Win rate

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US$24,482 4th place
US$8,855 6th place


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