RIOT finally rewarded Bin's Fiora-Pentakill with a chest and key

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It seems like RIOT finally rewarded those who watched live how Bin had the first Pentakill in a World's final with a Chest and Key.


With almost a Week delay and many Posts on social media about this issue, this feels like "oops yeah we kinda forgot about rewards", but at least it is here.

I dont have it in the loot-tab yet, so it may take until tomorrow to be available in client

EDIT: got the chest now, got a King of Clubs Mordekaiser skin and a Chest in the Chest, in the second chest was a ward skin and 150 OE. better then a Champion Shard i guess

Riot Response: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/jotbfc/riot_finally_rewarded_bins_fiorapentakill_with_a/gba9qtr/

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