I figured out how Garen does his ult

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So many people have theorized that Garen’s ult utilizes the blessings of Kayle to summon a celestial magic blade from the sky. However, I don’t like how this contradicts Sylas stealing his magic and summoning a very non giant sword in his hand in the cinematic

So I thought about it and realized. Garen is the leader of the Dauntless Vanguard. He could easily summon a giant sword without using magic.

You see, Garen’s ult is actually him calling a squadron of his Silverwings to drop a giant sword on his enemies!

We have precedent for this. Gangplank’s ult calls his ship to fire a cannon barrage on his enemies. So why can’t Garen do something similar? He has a personal squad of Silverwings that carry Garen’s personal giant sword into battle. A normal giant sword made of normal metal. Very few of Garen’s enemies can withstand a giant sword being dropped on them after all. Being leader of the Dauntless Vanguard has it’s benefits.

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