G2 secret's strategy to win worlds got leaked

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We know how G2 can finally break-up the curse of being 3-0'd in finals by LPL.

It all starts with the LEC helping PSG keeping Kongyue and Uniboy. For it to happen, they send Bwipo upon River and Tank so he can use his ancestral technique of wrist breaking.Now, the ultimate PCS team is complete. With Hanabi in the roster, they've got Flash Wolves soul with them, making them LCK's doom, and after what we saw today, they're definitely LPL's kryptonite. We're reddit, it's fine to overreact after just 1 game.

With PSG, UOL, TL and MAD are making it out of play-in (LGD has a curse to shit the bed at worlds, TL has a tactical buff).Now, thanks to some Group-draw sabotage, PSG is send to group B, locking the spot for the others (UOL in C, TL in A and MAD in D).

It's big brain time. PSG will start to fulfill its prophecy by 2-0ing both DWG and JDG, while RGE will manage to win one game vs both and 2-0 PSG.RGE will get a tiebreaker vs PSG. We love ties in EU so we win those, and RGE grabs 1st seed.

For other groups, it'll go like that :

  • Suning and G2 - G2 can't be first in their group, it is known.

  • FNC and GenG - UOL gets honorary EU, and since we all know EU gooder than NA, they'll kick TSM out. In order to counter Thorin's massive boner and wave of tweet because TSM bombed out off group stage, FNC has to be 1st otherwise the universe will lose its balance.

  • TES and FLY - Doran doesn't have Sword stealing his food anymore, so he gets too heavy and breaks Deft's back in the process, kicking DRX out. FLY will get to kick MAD out thanks to turtle's slow and steady approach, forgetting to ban Evelynn and because Solo can finally play League of Legends since MAD doesn't really know toplane exists.

Once again, sabotaging the draw is crucial coming into Knock-out stage, as it's the final star aligning moment we need for G2 to win worlds 100%.

  1. SNG vs PSG. As we saw earlier, they're the LPL's kryptonite so they'll win.

  2. TES vs GenG. GenG got the chance to redeem themselves for 2018 group stage, so they can go back to LCK's new trend of losing at worlds.

  3. FNC vs FLY. It's time to use our sleeper agents Santorin, Ignar and Po€. They'll run it down, but FNC will somehow manage to lose one game.

  4. RGE vs G2. We all know G2 will go 0-2 in order to get Perkz's buff with his comfort zone for the reverse sweep.

The dream is in motion. PSG will end up the job by getting rid off the last LPL team at worlds. After that it's a G2 vs FNC match, and we all know that it'll go 2-2, G2 will stop sandbagging and let Jankos play instead of G2 Mexicano.

Finally it's happening. PSG vs G2 in finals.We decide it's time. PSG gets to be named "honorary EU team". The plan is complete.EU vs EU finals means it's like LEC. Only G2 and FNC can win LEC.

G2 is the world champion, EU gets to win worlds again (Phreak's basement count guys).

Wunder can go back to his WoW Raid, Jankos can ask a Lee Sin skin, and Carlos can finally add "Owner of a world winning team" on his resume, right after "I got backdoored by xPeke".

In the distance, we can see FNC reading reddit's idea of genetically modifying Hylissang and Bwipo in order to remove the int.

(It's my first post on reddit, and especially a satire one so I apologize in advance for a bad formating. Also the spoiler tag is for people who didn't get to see the first games yet)

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