The ADC role is in a really great place right now

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I've seen a lot of complaints here about how weak adc is right now, how the scaling on damage doesn't factor in to shorter games, etc., but I think the role is actually in a really great place right now.

The low early game damage and focus on cc in many kits makes most adcs really well suited to fulfill their key role of supporting the team. This also goes well with the high damage/burst supports that are so popular in the current meta and ensures that supports in bot lane can get the kills they need in their role.

Personally, I think adc is one of the best roles in the game right now because I get to spend the mid game focusing completely on farming for at least 10-15 minutes every game so that I can catch up to the rest of my team and scale. I especially love having to either rush GA or hang out in the back of the team out of range of everybody so that the many high mobility, high damage assassins in mid and jg have fun chasing me down and making sure I'm absolutely in the negatives while my team focuses on killing the voli/garen/darius/etc on the other team when they finally come down from top after farming up their 10 kill advantage.

In conclusion, I think the bot lane champs all do a really good job at playing the support role on the team while the supports focus on getting kills and getting fed so they can carry the team into the mid game when their damage starts to fall off and we ff. Let me know if you agree/disagree.

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