Why Take Over was actually the Plan B storyboard, and the art team was probably rooting for T1 to ma

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While watching Take Over, the storyline seemed odd to me. The greatest league player ever deciding that his entire motivation is to train up players from nothing to produce the best league of legends gameplay ever seems cool conceptually, but ends up being nonsensical when you remember it's Faker, and he wants to win worlds. Furthermore, the story suggests that the girl in the story is seemingly the final boss, but gets 0 characterization beyond a slight grin at the beginning of the video, only to suddenly reappear at the end and reveal that she was trained by Faker too. She also appears nowhere in any of the other Take Over teasers or marketing, and her presence is just kind of random.

I wondered about this, and why the video chose to make Faker the only player to appear in the real world, instead of the training simulations, and the only explanation I have is that he was intended to be the actual final boss at worlds. Throughout the video, players in the simulations appear seemingly kind, smiling as they are defeated, implying that they are encouraging the MC to continue. Faker, on the other hand, is consistently shrouded in darkness or shown from a low angle to appear powerful and menacing, and acts heartless in his training methods. (idk about you guys, but his smile at 2:00 in the video does not look like a nice "Go random guy, you did it!", smile to me) This is a lot more consistent with him being a villain of the story, not a mentor or friend to the MC.

MC is also shocked to see his old friend at the end, but this works far better in the context of the story if he sees his trainer appear, and makes the motivations of video Faker more in line with those of IRL Faker, namely, winning worlds against the best competition possible. I suspect there's a version out there with no pink-haired girl, and Faker at the end, since there's no way this whole thing was made between Korean gauntlet and now.

TL/DR, video Faker got scammed out of being a villainous badass by IRL Faker not making worlds, and pink-hair girl replaced Faker in the finals

Also, semi-unrelated, I wish they had a scene with Crown's Malzahar instead of Galio, with Faker wincing a bit as the MC lost for the first time.

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