Small guide to trashtalk each region on reddit for the upcoming worlds

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As we all know worlds are right around the corner and discussions already look very heated between different regions fans, so lets try and regroup all the usual flames/trashtalk/memes surrounding each region :


  • Can't wait to get 3-0 in finals by LPL again

  • As always its only G2 & FNC that matter

  • They'll manage to somehow dodge all strong teams on their way to finals

  • Caps gonna carry his team to finals yet again

  • If RGE or MAD do a single mistake, we should've better sent S04 instead

  • Anyway, Rekkles is a KDA player and Tristana OTP ( u/FireDevil11 )

  • Perkz can only play Kai'sa/Xayah.


  • Gonna get carried by Korean imports yet again.

  • worlds are in china so they have an advantage over other regions already.

  • took them years and millions to start performing in worlds.

  • will win worlds. obviously. whoever disagrees is wrong.

  • team who will win won't perform the same ever again.

  • will only win finals because they're vs EU and the real second strongest team would've already been eliminated before.

  • Chinese teams will leak scrim results as always ( u/Embrac1ng )


  • Only DWG will perform.

  • But in the end if T1 manages to get in worlds they'll be LCK's last hope as usual

  • Washed up region, their time is over. accept it already.

  • G2 is coming for them like last year

  • if a single team fails in a group people will say they should've been in play-ins

  • Some kind of behind the scenes drama will happen just before group stage

  • Also for lck, if t1 doesn't make it to worlds and Korean teams perform poorly "this would not have happened with t1" ( u/AmadeusSalieri97 )


  • Is LCS.

  • Won't get out of group.

  • FLY first seed LUL / TL first seed LUL / TSM first seed LUL (Pick one)

  • They don't deserve a pool 1 spot

  • Only C9 will perform at worlds as usual ah... shit.

  • Washed up players

  • TSM should've never returned to worlds

  • If LCS does well in groups then the other team was having a happy game. If they win a BO5 then the other team were just underperforming or had external problems that factored in ( u/skeletor9000 )

Wildcards :

  • UOL is EU is they perform

  • UOL isn't EU if they don't perform

  • The LATAM team, R7 is either from LAS or LAN depending of its performance and the server of the one saying It. ( u/JackMerceR )

Single player flame : Low blows, easy to use as emergency flame

  • X is washed up and shouldn't compete

  • X is overrated and will be exposed hard

  • X champion pool is too small

  • Player X is unable to even hit masters -> LUL, washed up ( u/PraiseTheStun )

  • Chinese soloQ players purposely sabotaging Korean players soloQ practice while the Koreans call the Chinese dogs ( u/PraiseTheStun )

  • Have an alter-ego negative name to pull everytime a player underperforms (Hylishit, Shoemaker, Craps, Choky, Shaker...etc) + add LUL for bonus style points ( u/FilthyFioraMain ) (Bonus trashtalk names :DoubleTrash , ChokeTurtle , Freesen ,Passion of euros , Solo'd u/KoreanApe what a username to flame others... )

These are just the first ones that came to my mind, if you have more memes and trashtalk material then share them I'll gladly add them to the list.

This is all to show that you can meme all regions on reddit and no matter what teams will be shamed for losing and shamed for winning, there will ALWAYS be someone to flame & trashtalk a team/region no matter what they do, even more in worlds period were opinions are made up very quickly.

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