I am a fan of NA going into Worlds. Realistically I'm not expecting any crazy results or performance

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Tl;Dr: Idgaf about the most likely outcome, I still am, and always will be, hyped to watch NA at worlds

There are a couple of threads on the front page right now that kinda are prime examples of struggles of being a fan of NA teams on this subreddit. Our region gets constantly bashed in pretty much any interview, post-game thread, twitch chat, promo video, and even unrelated discussion posts.

Despite 2018 Worlds and 2019 MSI being some of my region's best international showings ever, 2019 Worlds really was a bummer (RIP 2019 Clutch forever in our hearts) and tempered the excitement that was seemingly allowed to be felt.

This isn't anything new for me. I have been a Jets football team fan for my whole life. The last time the Jets had a legitimate shot at the superbowl was 2011 (fuck you Patriots HA) and the last time we actually won the superbowl was way before I was born in 1969. Yes, the last time we won the superbowl was when America first landed on the moon.

Even though every football season I go in knowing in my brain that there really isn't a chance that we'll even make playoffs, that doesn't mean that I don't get excited in my heart that maybe this is our year.

Thats how I feel about NA teams right now. Sure the consensus is that NA is incredibly weak and we'll get rolled at worlds, but that won't stop me from getting excited for the tournament with the hopes that this could be the one. Even then, maybe this isn't the one. Maybe next year isn't the one. Maybe the year after that isn't either. But I know in my heart that one year it will click and NA will stun the world with a phenomenal run.

I can already feel the naysayers disagreeing with me, but just look at other sports historically. When the Jets were going into Superbowl 3 vs. the Baltimore Colts, everyone predicted a Colts win. I mean, why wouldn't they, the Colts were in the NFC which had steamrolled the teams from the AFC for the past two years. Clearly AFC was the weaker region, why even bother including them? Well one famous interview in which Joe Namath guaranteed victory and one stunning upset later and the AFC was on the map.

Fellow NA fans of Reddit, one day the faithful will be rewarded!


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