Loser of LEC finals will have 33.3% chance for much easier group then winner of LEC

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Winner of LEC can get in their group LPL2, LPL3 or LCK2 from pool 2

Loser of LEC finals can get in their group LPL1, LCK1 or LCS1 from pool 1

Both teams can get same teams from poll 3 and 4

Top LCK and LPL teams are close in strength so for example if they get JDG or TES they are pretty much equally screwed while getting winner of LCS makes things much easier

So 33.3% chance loser of LEC finals gets NA winner in their group and make it easier group and 66.6% chance for both teams to have really strong groups (worth noting that in those 66.6% winner of LEC have very very slight advantage due to getting lower seeds from KR and CN but I don't think it's that much of difference between them)

Having Worlds teams split in 4 pools finally is step in right direction for sure, now lets hope they balance pools properly in future Worlds because it's nuts to have LCS1 above LPL2 but it's still much better then what we had previous Worlds when LPL2 was in same pool with wildcard Vietnam or LMS teams

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