I miss Jatt. He filled a role for people that enjoyed actual analysis that wasn't skin deep.

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We need an analyst that fills Jatt's or even Zirene's role--someone that looks at plays/situations in matches and says, "This is why Top Esports is good at this," or, "This is how Suning destroyed LGD." Then, possibly take it a step FURTHER and compare it directly to plays in NA or EU.

I know a large portion of league fans are more interested in just hyping up their favorite players, and talking shit to people of other regions (as well as just shitting on NA in general). But I do miss seeing those weekly breakdown plays that used to happen.

The broadcast desk has limited time to talk about things, so I understand why they only go skin deep (analytically) into particular topics. But, it's sometimes not enough to hear, "Bjergsen is the best mid player on a team that's not living up to its potential." There are some of us that I think want to actually see someone break it down, and take longer than 2 or 3 minutes to do so.

I know that most of the broadcasters thought Santorin was the best jungler, and that Nisqy doesn't do as well when Blaber isn't camping him. Additionally, everyone shits on NA as a region. So, show us some content that demonstrates how Chinese or Korean teams do it better. Demonstrate some of these things in a five or ten minute video, and then compare them to plays that NA teams try to execute--and then fail.

It may not get a million views, but there is possibly an audience out there for that kind of thing. Thanks.


--An interested League of Legends fan

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