I was verbally slammed and eviscerated by an LEC caster today.

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It took me a long time to recover from the absolute knee to the stomach, karate chop to the neck nature of what has transpired this Friday.

Several days ago, I made an innocent comment about how LEC is harder to watch for me, on account of it being cringier than LCS. This is an inarguable statement, as the C in LEC stands for cringe. For LCS, it stands for cool.

As retaliation, the LEC launched an attack against me.

Honestly, I really enjoyed the segment. It was well-produced, and a lot of the points are true. In the future, I will give Yoorup or whatever it's called more attention. But there's something said that left me so inconsolably shell shocked that I am still not whole.

Ender called me a TSM fan.

I've been huddled up in front of my screen without it powered on. Just letting myself get lost in the black abyss. Never in my life did I think the vicious rumor that I am a "TSM fan" would be broadcast to so many people. I've already received dozens of messages from people informing me that I am no longer welcome at their viewing parties.

I was at a job interview this afternoon, and it was going great. They pulled the interviewer out of the room to talk, however, and when he returned, he only asked, over and over:

"What comes after groups?"

I wound up sobbing and shouting I don't know, I don't know, and they laughed me out of the building. I'm currently with my boyfriend at the moment. Teemo says it'll all be okay and the misunderstanding will clear up soon. I'm not so sure.

I'm going to be headed out for the weekend for vacation (now much needed compared to before), so I won't be able to really do much more than bring this VERBAL GIGA BASH to light. I vow there shall be repercussions if this foul mistake is not cleared up. BIG repercussions.

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