The "LCK is 'slower' than LEC" narrative is now factually incorrect / overblown

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The links below contain the Spring and Summer 2020 Season stats of the LCK and LEC, respectively. These show that the average game times and kill scores between the regions are actually quite similar, with the LCK actually being a smidge faster in both splits so far (Spring: LCK 33:38 vs LEC 33:45 / LCK 22 vs LEC 25; Summer: LCK 32:04 vs LEC 32:19 / LCK 23 vs LEC 22). On the basis of game time and fighting, the two regions are comparable in speed.

That being said, I acknowledge that the LEC was faster in years past, but the fact that this incorrect narrative is still used now (especially as a way to prove that LEC > LCK, when there are more robust ways of proving this arguably true statement) is unproductive at best and paints a false generalization of two regions. Of course, I don't think most people who say this are doing so intentionally or maliciously.

Moreover, while I also acknowledge that G2 and FNC were noticeably faster than the top LCK teams in Spring, G2 and FNC are not the entirety of the LEC (and neither are the top LCK teams); they should not be representative of the characteristics of an entire region, especially as G2 and FNC were only on average 1.5-2 minutes faster than the top five LCK teams which reached playoffs last split. For example, OG and MAD, the third and fourth best Spring regular season LEC teams, were slower than every single other LCK playoff team.

If I have missed the mark on what this sub defines as "slow" (as in the parameters for speed go beyond game time and kill score) please let me know, although I frankly can't see what they might be. From what I can see, the LCK seems to have moved on--and moving faster. Perhaps we should too?

TL;DR: Statistics below prove LCK is not markedly slower than LEC based on average game time and kill score; in fact, in most 2020 metrics, the LCK is marginally faster. While top LEC teams were noticeably faster in the past, they are / were not faster to the extent the narrative made them out to be, neither are they representative of an entire region of ten teams.



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