Here's why Nautilus can hit you past terrain or minions

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Nautilus's Q is unique in that it has two overlapping hitboxes:

  • The center hitbox, which can hit terrain. Visually represented by the vertical anchor.

  • The outer hitbox, which can hit champions edge-to-edge, but will only hit minions edge-to-center. Visually represented by the aura.

Because of how small minions are, it usually hits them. But it 's a lot easier to miss terrain to hit a champion on the other side, as shown.


r/leagueoflegends - Here's why Nautilus can hit you past terrain or minions

The problem is, there isn't really a better way to show this visually. Even reversing it would just make it look like the anchor phased through terrain. All we can do is understand what's happening.

[Edit] Some additional clarity; when the aura hits a champion, the ability snaps the model of the anchor to the center of your champion the same way a Lux or Morgana Q transforms into their circular cage effects centered on your center.

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