Selfmade on negativity and abuse on Hylissang: "Fnatic is a big org with a lot of fans

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Fnatic's Selfmade said when asked about what he thought of the negativity and criticism the team has received for their slump, particularly on Hylissang: "Fnatic is a big org with a lot of fans and I'm grateful for every fan but people, please take it easy. If you're a Fnatic fan for many years you know this team has ups and downs and so far we're on our down but we're getting back from it.

"Most of the people who watch our games and judge they're mostly judging by scores but it relative for example every time Hyli plays and has those games where he dies a lot, he dies because it's his role. He has a champion that has to go in and people are like 'Wow Hyli died 10 times, bench this guy' when he did his job."

He also spoke about why he thinks the biggest problem that caused Fnatic to lose so many games: "I think it was mostly draft issues, of course, I'm not putting all of them on Mithy right now because it's not like the Coach is fully responsible with the draft - it's mostly us players not understanding the game well at this point. We're trying way too many champions at the same time and building up compositions that are way too hard to play"

Full Interview: https://twitter.com/Dexerto/status/1284229839243882499

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