The C9 vs TSM analyst segment in yesterday's LCS countdown show was completely pointless

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30 minutes before the 1st LCS game of the day, there is the LCS countdown show where the analyst desk hype up the upcoming games. In yesterday's edition, they spent about 6 minutes or so talking about the C9 vs TSM matchup in detail. The problem is, they reused the EXACT same content and talking points (even down to the same wording and order!) later on, before the actual C9 vs TSM game, making the entire thing repetitive and just pointless.

To illustrate my point, see the comparison of the 2 segments in the table below with timestamps to the VODs. I put in quotes around the wordings that are exactly the same (or extremely similar) across both segments and in parentheses, the graphical aid that was reused. Play them side by side for about 10-15 seconds at a time and you will find it very uncanny.

Disclaimer: No, you are not hallucinating, these are 2 different VODs and it is not groundhog day.

Talking Point LCS Countdown C9 vs TSM pre-game
Dash talks about "the most iconic C9 roster that played yesterday" and how Licorice is the "transitional piece" from that roster to the current roster 2:06 4:56
MarkZ talks about how Licorice "is the only one that played with these guys" and how he has "dumpstered top lane" this split (with Licorice slides) 2:18 5:09
Dash transitions to the midlane, talks about how "Nisqy has been unsurprisingly dominant" and Bjergsen "has been unlocked" 3:38 6:40
Prolly further talks about Bjergsen and how he "has awakened" and "played TF and Azir last week" (with close-up shots of the players) 3:57 6:57
Crumbzz talks about Nisqy stats, how he is enabled by Blaber and how they try to emulate FPX (with mid lane matchup stats graphics) 4:27 7:40
MarkZ talks about Bjergsen's champion pool, composed of Fiddlesticks + "greedier champions" 5:39 8:45
Dash transitions to the bot lane matchup, says "they are 2 of the best western botlaners in the history of the game" 6:11 9:16
MarkZ talks about how "even Zven admits" that it's hard for him to show off in his games when he is "playing Ezreal and farming with Q's in lane"(with Zven's tweet shown at the bottom) 6:21 9:33

My question to the LCS broadcast team is this: what incentive do I have to watch the LCS countdown if you are just going to reuse the same segment less than 90 minutes later? And why did no one on the desk or the production side find it weird that the LCS talks about the exact same stuff with similar wording in 2 separate segments? This just reinforces the criticism made earlier in the split that the LCS is incredibly formulaic and scripted.

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