Yassuo calling his teammates Imbred while smurfing in Silver for his Unranked to Challenger

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It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth, is that just me? Purposefully playing with people you know are much worse than you, and then insulting them for being worse than you? He didn't say it in chat at least, but still - when you're choosing to smurf and flip low elo games on their heads, I don't think you really have the right to insult any of the players.

On a different note, why are Unranked to Challenger series still doing the rounds? Do people seriously still enjoy watching people absolutely smash silver and gold games and call it "educational content"? The only times I like watching people smurf, is people like Coach Curtis and PekinWoof doing it, where they're very respectful and point out every mistake that their lane opponent, and the enemy team in general makes, so you can recognize in your games too.


Edit: I'm not trying to start a witchhunt, get Yassuo punished, or calling him a bad streamer. I'm just simply disheartened because every streamer does this - you have to set an example as an influencer, and this is the wrong example to set. These kinds of things, among others, are feeding into a cycle of toxicity influenced by many popular streamers, and I wish they would realise it.

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