There is no update from Riot on when people will receive the "exclusive retired skins"

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First off, after writing out this post, I'm aware that I probably sound like a Karen complaining about wHeRe'S mY sTuFf. But the TLDR is that Riot advertised digital goods that would be added straight into your existing account, and it's been a week with no update on an ETA. Please note that this is NOT a support-related request or question (although I have contacted Riot support) so it shouldn't break the subreddit rules. I'm not asking for anyone on Reddit to help me with my account. I'm making this post because there are no other community boards to post to for visibility.

During their Mid-Season Streamathon event last week, Riot advertised their auctions and retired skin purchases as part of their fundraiser for the Social Impact Fund and COVID-19 relief (https://twitter.com/lolesports/status/1267467834336129024?s=19). The website that was advertised was for Mastercard (priceless.com/mss2020). When you go to that site, you'll see two separate pages: one for auctions, and one for exclusive retired League of Legends skins.

In the exclusive retired skins page, you could PURCHASE limited-availability skins such as Lunar Empress Lux (https://www.priceless.com/entertainment/product/161595/lunar-empress-lux-legacy-skin), Little Devil Teemo, Bewitching Morgana, Warring Kingdoms Vi, and Lunar Wraith Caitlyn. As you can see from the Lux page, "The Lunar Empress Lux legacy skin will be added straight into your existing account within the League of Legends game client. After your purchase, you will receive a survey via email requesting your server and Summoner Name so this digital good can be delivered in-game".  The website and Terms & Conditions clearly states that this is a PURCHASE, not an auction. In fact, when you purchase the skin, you receive an invoice clearly billing you for the skin (https://imgur.com/a/DiJKswA) plus tax. The instructions included with the invoice are to fill out a survey with your Summoner Name, Server, and email address used to purchase the skin.

Here's the thing. I know that Riot isn't Amazon Prime. It sounds like they actually have to manually cross-reference the Mastercard invoices with their servers and an employee has to physically go in to people's accounts to add the skin. I get that takes time, and I know that there's a pandemic so Riot might be understaffed.

My problem lies in the communication. No where on the site does it say that it can take 1-2 weeks, or more, for you to receive your digitally purchased goods. I've contacted Riot support and was told that "there are currently no updates or ETA as to when the content will be added to your account" but "rest assured we will send em over as soon as we get to go signal!" I just saw a contact page on the Mastercard website (https://www.priceless.com/contact) so perhaps it might be worthwhile to contact them, since Riot doesn't seem to be responding with any information. According to the Mastercard website, it looks like customers must wait 30 days before requesting a chargeback (https://www.mastercard.us/content/dam/mccom/global/documents/chargeback-guide.pdf ). So at the very least, people should get their skin, or their money back, within 3 more weeks. Edit: Apparently if you do a chargeback, your account could be restricted so I wouldn't risk it. If Riot never adds the skin, then I guess there's not much recourse other than to complain to the BBB or file suit over $10.

What's really worrisome is that some Riot employees (in other regions) might not be aware of the situation, and are informing people that "it's not our fault if you buy from a fraudulent website" and "we only pick a limited amount of people who gave us money for the skin" (http://imgur.com/a/VbOYluu; source: deleted post by u/desserino). I tried contacting Riot support to ensure that I will, in fact, receive the skin I purchased, to which they vaguely replied, "I can't really confirm if you specifically will receive it but so long as you purchased it through the MasterCard site, you should be good. (You mentioned this is also the link posted by lolesports Twitter so that's probs a great sign)."

What the heck is going on, Riot? In the end, it's $10 for charity so it's not that big of a deal to me, personally. I can be patient, as long as there's communication from Riot. But I posted about the skin sale on r/Lux since it was a good cause, and now I feel bad if people bought a skin because of me and feel like they got their money ripped off.

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