Hi! I'm Duke, Head Coach of Team Vitality LEC team! AMA!

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UPDATE: thanks everyone for your questions! The AMA is now over, see you in a few weeks for the actual games!

As some of you guys saw, we announced our new LEC & LFL (French championship) rosters yesterday.


Top: CabochardJungle: NjiMid: MilicaADC: CompSupport: LabrovSupport (sub): Jactroll


Top: YoppaJungle: SkeanzMid: SakenADC: LuckerSupport: Steeelback

As we are perfectly aware that roster changes might raise a lot of questions from supporters and the community in general, we wanted to take advantage of this very active League of Legends subreddit to give you guys an actual opportunity to have all these questions answered!

Usual proof: https://twitter.com/TeamVitality/status/1262820587388514304

Today, this is Duke, our LEC Head Coach that will be there to answer all your questions, may they revolve around our LEC squad, LFL squad, overall League of Legends Vitality project or day to day life of a LEC Head Coach.

Duke will be there starting at 20h CEST approximately (in 1 hour), so don't hesitate to ask your questions in the meantime!

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