lolvvv.com upgraded their Clash scouting feature based on feedback from the Reddit community

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A few weeks ago, we presented our new feature, "advanced scouting" for Clash. At this point we just want to say thank you! Thank you to everyone who helped us to improve by giving constructive feedback and everyone else, who supports us! Your feedback was overwhelming.

However, we did not rest. We brought your feedback to discussion and upgraded the feature. We present more information and statistics now. You can switch between queue types (Solo / Flex / Clash) for each summoner. We build a smart algorithm in order to recommend bans against your opponent. There is much more to experience. Go and try it yourself.

Let us know what you think about the upgrade and tell us if there is anything else you would love to see.

TL;DR: Scout your Clash opponent and get an edge: https://www.lolvvv.com/clash (You can scout your own team as well, simply enter your summoner name) mo

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