Optimas, formerly of Vega Squadron, shares his experiences of playing in LCL

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Hello everyone, I really didn't want to bring anything on twitter related to what happened on LCL since it’s such a massive shithole, but as it seems there is no way around it.

So basically after I've attended EUM I had no offers to play in Europe and had to take offer from russian league since all rosters were locked and back at the time I thought it’s better to play somewhere rather than nowhere(I was so wrong).Even through the roster didn't look promising I still believed that I can bring team into playoffs. After week 3 we were tied for 3rd place and had high chances of getting into play offs but by that time in our group chat teams manager suggested to match fix the game which wouldn't matter to us and with the purpose to make a shit ton of money (https://prnt.sc/sdludy the odds for that match).Circumstances were in their favor since we would play with coach/manager in the jungle and no one would suspect anything since it’s not a main roster. Even though our main jungler said that he could play but other team members insisted him to attend studies (not suspicious at all).

Well everyone was up for idea of match making except me. https://nemo.gg/blog/riot-games-investigates-match-fixing-report-in-russian-lol-competition/ (couldn't have translated this precise myself, huge props) in this link you can find our team chat translated logs and more translated statements from my post on VK. The real question would be if I said yes, would they have the match fixed? Yes, they would. Did they match fix anyway, they did. Most of the talks were in discord call which I wasn't part of and I was heading into the game expecting the guys to play like humans and not as sub humans. Since they literally wrote that they will play like humans in group chat. But apparently gold 1 autofill jungler was playing better than master/grandmaster players who play league of legends full time and get paid for it. It's okay to make mistakes, everyone does, but people can see when players are actually trying to win the game.

Here are some most obvious win trading plays I stumbled up on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQ9puceZYPA&feature=emb_logo

  1. Yasuo didn’t level up the ultimate and put the point in a different ability. Few people noticed that during the broadcast

  2. Yasuo takes golems instead of pushing the bottom lane with bot side vision at his disposal

  3. Yasuo stands by the wall and tanks all the Ornn knock-ups, even though we just had to avoid engaging and wait for Sylas to push bot

  4. Yasuo flashes into the Baron pit to steal Nashor (???) 32 minutes in, although he can jump in with the plant and then Flash out. The very decision is [intentional feeding], too

  5. Charger clearly forgot that he stole Ornn ultimate 15 seconds ago and has another 75 to use it in the bottom or in the top lane. He must have realized that we may win if he accidentally lands it

  6. Sylas catches the hook with Flash and E up. Yasuo messes up all the Wind Walls and decides to jump on Jhin instead of Cassiopeia (this one is up for debate)

  7. Sylas is caught with a hook once again, but we still win the fight. We just need to go as four and finish the game through the middle lane, but Yasuo decides to get three creeps (40 minutes in) after focusing down the cannon with Sylas. Braum runs away from me with his shield available, and Sylas decides to Flash in after I Flash out. Frankly speaking, the instinct to charge forward and finish the game should’ve prevailed here, but not today, I guess. In the last team fight we literally had the chance to end the game but the guys bet so MUCH money that they wouldn't finish the game when we could just run it down mid as 4.BUT JUST LOOK WHAT THEY DID WHEN ONLY JHIN WAS LEFT WITH 50 SECONDS DEATHTIMERS.

My previous teammates bring the point that I was toxic during the game after their shit plays and that's why they couldn't focus or play to their best. BUT WHAT WILL I GAIN BY BEING TOXIC, IF WE WIN IT WOULD PROVE THEM INNOCENT. It just makes no sense to me. Anything closely related to toxic which I said was: "If we lose this game, I won't be playing with you further" this sentence was after Yasuo flashed into baron pit with hopes that enemies would finish the game.

Anyway, after the game I immediately contacted owner of Vega and said that I wouldn't play any longer with this roster. He asked me to play few more games because of our "friendship" and then I could go after he resolves all the issues. By that time Owner of Vega contacted the manager aka our jungler for match fixed game and asked what's going on? In which our manager/autofilled jungler replied:"Optimas was mad that we didn't play to our standard". But he literally had audacity to lie that I won't play furhter because of bad performance and zero mentions about "possible" wintrade. Even though later on manager personally admits that it looks like wintrade.http://prntscr.com/sdmnd9. He says (my translation):"Yeah, it looks like they win traded, but you need evidence, don't you?" Basically this is what happens when you put bunch of friends with no future in esports and give them advantage of being a "group" since all of them obviously wouldn't say that someone of them win traded when all of them were in this shit together also their dumb friends who are trying to defend them. Anyway because of that game I postponed whole live russian broadcast for 2 more games of tie breakers since I was refusing to play 1 more game to finish the bracket. I am sorry for viewers who were watching it and whole live broadcasting crew, emotions got over me and at that time I didn't put much value because of what was happening behind the curtain.

So, on the next day after our games, I contacted the Vega owner personally and said that my team intentionally lost the game and that there has to be investigation going on. He obviously was shocked since manager told that I was just mad about team performance. And he said that he will do his "own" investigation and contact riot afterwards. It would be logical that team owner would contact riot after what is going on his team, but not in LCL :).The day after we have competitive game on LCL against Dragon Army in which I didn't want to participate in because of what happened, but I still did, otherwise it would hurt Vega even more and whole riot broadcast. I do believe they could have subbed in our manager/coach/jungler because of whole match fixing situation, but apparently riot wasn’t aware of it. Low key strange since our manager/coach is also friends with RU Riot judges.

After all of this happened and I was freed of my contract I could publicly speak up of what has happened. Everyone in Russian community asks me: "oh Optimas why you didn't contact riot first before publicly announcing everything?" Well at that moment I thought maybe they are aware of it and just don't take any actions. I just got betrayed by my teammates and team owner. Team owner was more scared of losing his organization in LCL rather than resolving of what has happened, I understand him and don’t judge him in the end because it is his main source of income. As of now, Yes, I understand that most obvious way and right one was to just contact riot and hope that they punish these *uckers. But as we know as of now Riot investigation means nothing.

After my post on VK riot contacts me to talk out things. I expected them to ask more evidence or my opinion but instead they were throwing curveballs at me with nameplate: "You are ruining riot company image and we will punish you as well no matter what". At that point they made clear that they didn't come to investigate whole match fix situation. It looked like they were desperate to make me guilty and punish me. At all points of our talk I was completely honest about situation and answered all of their questions to cooperate with riot. One of their questions was if I ever had bet on a league match? I said: Yes, I have. They said did you know its forbidden and I answered that: "I didn't know". Which to where they reply: " It's okay just say under which circumstances the bet went through? To which I replied: It was when I wasn't contracted to Riot nor obligated to them since it was almost 1 year ago with no winnings or withdrawal, I straight up lost 20 euros. You know they were so desperate to punish me that I asked me to reply with " I am Rolandas "Optimas"... bet on this match with not knowing anyone etc. I could literally just ignore their request by stating they have no evidence whatsoever but they are desperately trying to punish me, but instead even though it might damage my reputation I still wrote that scripted message to them and proving that I have bet. Evidence of them insisting of me http://prntscr.com/sdnr3e (Ru Riot Head Judge) pleading myself guilty. I thought I am safe and they can't punish me in any way but you never know what's on top of Riots head.

Anyway Riot "investigation" took almost 2 months and after article already appeared on VK about me being banned and other members being banned for "betting" and not match fixing(even though on leaguepedia it says match fixing). I get contacted by Ru Riot Head Judge and being told that I am banned and there was no match fixing and that she’s just here to give information and she wasn't part of decision-making group nor she can give any more information. She said that the main Head of Ru Riot couldn't contact me in 2020(XD) that he was trying but I was ignoring him when I literally got zero messages on discord , gmail , VK even fucking phone and Main Judge said that I can contact him through discord but since yesterday he hasn't responded. Also, from Head Judge I got information that "Riot experts" re-watched the game and found nothing suspicious. How the fuck could you find nothing "suspicious" it's just outrageous, is it the same fucking meme with 200 years of game development experience. Most of pro players would say its straight up match fixing but Riot experts obviously understands way better how the game should be played.

As of now it's really sad how things are turning around, I obviously disagree with riot decision. I still didn't get to see which rule I broke in the codex. I hope to see which conclusions riot came up with and see their own evidence of it not being win trade. Sadly, this ban only affects me from all players who have been banned since I am the only one European who actually was looking to compete in any ERL and most likely because of this won't be able to find a team for summer split. When meanwhile other banned player still might have a chance to attend in LCL again since it probably will start later than July 1st and there are also few team members whom weren't banned at all even though they were a part of match fixing.

Speaking of myself. I must be really mentally ill to accuse players of win trading without being 100% sure that it was match fixed, putting on my reputation, my salary, playoff chances on the plate. In the end I came into LCL for redemption, to finally reach playoffs and show up when it matters the most, but instead I got sucked up into shithole. Maybe it was smarter to just leave everything on its own, but in the end, I am not a punching bag, I actually care more about winning than making money, I am trying to leave some legacy behind me and I don't want to be known for such a shitstory. I will try my best to get on to good team asap and show what I am capable of. Hope you will stick with me through this journey and I will be able to make you proud no matter which obstacles will be on my way.

Tl'DR; I don't know how to sum up this mess, just read it. I apologize for the typos and bad structure.

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